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The Utes kicked ass in the Sugar Bowl!

2009-01-03 07:22:25 by PieGraphGlock

I'm just so happy right now! Not only have they defeated No. 4 Alabama, but they also continue their 8-0 streak in bowl games. After the scored three touchdowns against the Crimson Tide in the first quarter, I knew that Utah was gonna win! In addition, Utah's the first team from a non-BCS conference to win two BCS bowls. 31-17 was the final score. Go Utes!

The Utes kicked ass in the Sugar Bowl!


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2009-01-10 16:12:29

I put a ten on your ohio state flash thing suppose to be zero

PieGraphGlock responds:

Thanks. Why didn't you score it as a zero? It was a bad flash!


2009-01-22 16:57:16

aren't you famous

PieGraphGlock responds:

Is that a question or a sarcastic statement, because I'm definitely not famous.