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Communist no more

2008-05-20 06:53:27 by PieGraphGlock

I have finally seen the cult-like tactics of communism that sucked me into this flawed ideology. I will not be part of a cult anymore. To my fellow Americans, I'm sorry.


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2008-05-20 07:46:06

Ok, what made you think this, my former comrade. I believe in the raw principles of the idealogy not the way it is perverted.

(Updated ) PieGraphGlock responds:

I understand, but the most powerful communist groups out in the world believe in pure unadulterated Marxism, which is deeply flawed and authoritarian. Much like how cults try to reveal a "secret truth" if you become subservient to them, communist rule has always claimed that socialist totalitarianism is temporary and necessary to create utopia. It's almost like how INGSOC claimed that defeating Oceania's enemy (Eurasia of Eastasia) would be wholly beneficial. The problem is, it isn't possible. The war is eternal, whether it's against Eurasia, Eastasia, or capitalism. I'm just more comfortable as a libertarian, since they believe in minimal government intervention on all affairs of life. Please understand.


2008-05-29 22:13:11

I understand and am fine with that, i have never pushed my views upon anyone.

PieGraphGlock responds:

Thank you for your kindness.


2008-06-19 15:53:38

i hate america as long as bush is in office keeping global warming happening

PieGraphGlock responds:

You still believe in global warming. *giggle*